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Sensitivity Reading Service

Sensitive Reading Reveals The Reality By
Avoiding Prejudices

A new wave of diverse books is being published each year; authors are eager to write stories inclusive of marginalized identities and address complex issues. This is an exciting time in publishing. However, it can be difficult for those without firsthand knowledge of these identities and topics to write a representation that captures their nuance. Writers can benefit from the expertise of Writercosmos sensitive readers, who read manuscripts with a specific identity or issue in mind and offer feedback on how it is represented.

Our Sensitivity Reading Experts Are The Best In Town

It is plausible to have a compensated talk about the parts of your work that do not carry the same level of depth and complexity as another person's intellect. This conversation can take place in a reciprocal setting. This is not the approach you should use if you want to write an objective book; however, it is the first step toward approaching your work with honesty, clarity, and thoughtfulness.

Our services entail:

  • Identifying categories of sensitivities and assigning a specifc reader to it
  • Providing specific and general feedback
  • Editorial suggestions to improve the manuscript
  • Addiotnal review by a senior editor to provide insight from a publishing perspective

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