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WriterCosmos is a professional and experienced ghostwriter who is passionate about assisting you in writing your e-book and communicating your thoughts in your own power of speech.

We aim to offer a premium ghostwriter service that has cooperated on over top published novels, listed as blockbusters and award-winning titles.

We offer premium literary consultancy and have ghostwritten hundreds of e-books; plenty of them reached the top-selling calendar mark and was acclaimed as the bestseller.

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Our Discerning Ghostwriting Services

Quality content is always leading from the front and grabbing the attention of your website or business it deserves. Did you know that the high-priority component in achieving success with content marketing is content development, not a strategy, timing, or dispensation? In other words, it is not important that how you use your content, it is about how you develop it. According to 75% of B2B purchasers, the most impactful feature of its website is content that directly addresses their needs.

There is no doubt that content is insistent with your online success. Regrettably, hiring a ghostwriter or locating the best article writing service for your business can be a perplexing and challenging process. WriterCosmos is keen to assist you in this tricky situation. Our committed team of project managers, questioners, ghostwriters, editors, compositors, and proofreaders is on its way to becoming your best companion. You are about to accomplish something unique, long-lasting, and simple.

What Is The Process Of Ghostwriting at WriterCosmos?

Many writers aspire to a full-time freelance writing profession, but establishing such a vocation can be challenging.

A fantastic gig for a freelance writer to pursue is a ghostwriter for a famous figure. While your company receives primary author credit, you get to do most of the writing as a ghostwriter. The information gleaned from this detailed consultation is then used to create a chapter-by-chapter strategy for the optimal narrative structure. This is when one of the major advantages of an experienced ghost comes into play since it can advise an author on what feature will appeal to publishers and, of course, the all-important reader.

Our Work Portfolio

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Which Books Do You Ghostwrite?

Since Writercosmos specializes in fiction and biography, our ghostwriters are enthusiastic about working on literary novels, genre novels including crime, historical, fantasy, and science fiction, short story pools, children's and adult novels, as well as autobiographies, memoirs, and journals. We will still delight in assisting you if you have a concept or outline for a non-fiction book, a poetry collection, a script, or something else.

Contact us now, and we will do our best to match you with the apt ghostwriter.

Our Book Writing Process


Contact us by giving us a call or filling out the contact form so that our team will reach out to you.

Drafting An Outline

We’ll design the idea for the first draft, then move on to plot design and propose a preliminary completion process.

Book Writing & Structuring

Once the outline is approved, the book writing process starts with in-depth research or close communication with the customer.

Editorial Review

Our editorial team carefully and continually reviews and modifies drafts to check quality and creativity carefully.

Book Formatting

We set the format and layout arrangement as per the standards of various publishers and specify the format accordingly.

Book Publishing & Marketing

The book will be published in the mandatory e-book format upon customer approval. Our team will make the final assessment and market your book accordingly.

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