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During the book publication process phase known as "developmental editing," our editors work closely with the authors to address "big picture" areas such as spelling or grammar structure, format, narrative, and character development. In general, this kind of editing tends to ignore errors at the sentence level, such as grammatical and punctuation issues, which can be annoying. With high-level developmental editing, Writercosmos is ready to produce the best content possible for our clients.

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While every developmental editing review is unique, there are a few common elements that Writercosmos addresses widely.
Grammar and execution: The beta reading process does not include line editing or proofreading, but we will flag any grammatical or mechanical errors we notice.
The tone of voice: your script will reflect your voice and style, expressed in the official draft. We include more of your voice into the work and features that identify your style.
Repetition of words: Before going on to the next manuscript editing service, we look for words and phrases that are misused or overused during developmental editing, so your content is expressed loud and clear.
Characterization: Characters will be thoroughly examined in your book. We'll improve your characters and their connections in the following round of edits for specific characters.
The plot's coherence: We'll check for plot twists and inconsistencies in your manuscript. When we read your story, we'll point out any major plot gaps, pacing issues, or places where you could use a little more detail or description.


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