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An In-Depth Manuscript Analysis From Professional Beta Readers

Our full-length manuscript review service includes the feedback of 20+ beta readers from your target audience. Writercosmos has a team of beta readers with a wealth of knowledge to ensure that your work is thoroughly vetted. Our beta readers will provide you with a detailed written report on the story's flow, character development, dialogue, and any plot holes they find. A former Big Five acquisitions editor compiled a 20-page analysis with specific recommendations.

Use Reader Feedback to Create a Masterpiece

It doesn't matter if your first draft is great in grammar if it doesn't hold your interest. Have you been overly attached to your work? Get a thorough evaluation of your work, including research notes, so you can tailor it to your audience. In order to make the editing process easier for you, we provide you with in-depth and practical information.

Our services entail:

  • Choosing the best demographic from our vast database and matching them to your ideal reader
  • Informing readers specific questions, you want them to answer when reading the manuscript
  • Reviewing major issues as identified by the public narrative and getting the reader's feedback
  • Analyzing the feedback and compiling notes and trends to help you incorporate them into your main concept

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