We Manifest Your Idea Into Reality

Let us bring life to your fantasy by giving words to it. We at WriterCosmos have an ensemble cast of creative writers who have command over fantasy writing. Share your fantasy with us, and it doesn’t matter what you want us to write about romance, thriller, or something captivatingly bizarre. We firmly believe that everyone has their own fantasy story going in their head but has difficulty pinning it down. This is where the fantasy writers of WriterCosmos come in, with our exceptional lingual ability, unparallel writing, and robust vocabulary.

When working with WriterCosmos, you have to get in touch with our team. Our fantasy book maestros are more than capable to work on any genre. WriterCosmos is the absolute writing solution for you.

Writing Prodigies Never Seen Before

Our fantasy writers vow to take the audience on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride to the world beyond their imagination by creating an exciting fantasy book. Our fantasy writers are diverse individuals who know all the tips and tricks to write an in-depth and well-thought fantasy book.

Process of creating a Magnum Opus Fantasy Writing

Outline Draft

Among our writers, we pick out the best candidate to fabricate your idea into an awesome fantasy book, as we demand nothing but perfection from our writers. Our fantasy writer studies the concept of your idea and craft it into an outline to send it to you for approval.

First Chapter Approval

Once the outline is approved, our writer gets on writing the book. Our writers ensure that they initiate the first chapter in such a way that the reader gets hooked. Then it is delivered to you for approval.

Editing & Proofreading

After the book’s completion, it goes through the tedious process of editing & proofreading. To create your book into a flawless piece of writing, it is delivered to you once the book is through that process.

Our Fantasy Writing Bag of Tricks

We pluck the gist of your whimsical fantasy, squeeze it, then add the essence of our ideas and sprinkle a lot of words to brew the perfect fantasy writing elixir. That will create an exhilarating chef-d’œuvre of literature that the world has ever seen. With us, you will know the true meaning of a fantasy book.

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With Us, You Can Engrave Your Name Among The Bestselling Fantasy Authors

Our fantasy writer takes the audience into a trance by somewhat realistically placing them in a fictional universe, which justifies their skills and bankability. The fantasy writers that work with us are avid readers themselves, as a result, they can fabricate legend, fables, myth or folklore with ease.

We have claimed a 95% customer satisfaction rate on behalf of our writing resource. We oath to make you the bestselling fantasy author. You will enjoy the great privileges of selling through several book clubs, retailers, and distributors. To be precise, WriterCosmos is the way for your to achieve greatness.

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