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Has it ever come to your imagination that what would have happened if the planet “Krypton,” where Superman was born, didn’t blow up? How differently would the storyline of Superman have progressed, right? Maybe even you have a potential idea of a superhero and want to bring that character to life through a comic book.

You know the world of a comic book is free from constraints. Any twist and turn could happen, the goblin will invade planet Mars on their spaceship, humans could turn into animals, or aliens would come to earth and live with humans. All this might sound bizarre, but this is the world of comic books. Anything can happen.

Comic Books Have No Creative Barriers & Nor Do Our Comic Writers

Often people get under the false impression that comic book writing is the same as a graphic novel or screenplay writing. Comic book writing is tailored with completely different elements or structures of composition. The directions of a comic script are multi-layered and are executed with detail.

To write an enthralling comic that would hook the audience instantly, a comic writer must be an avid comic reader, experienced, and well-versed in the structure of a comic book. Creating a comic book is not as simple as it might seem. To structure a comic book, characters are created, and their character development is created, then the comic’s storyline is written. Once the comic book is done with the writing process, it enters the illustration where the concept is shared with an artist, who illustrates according to the storyline.

The sheer concept of comic book writing excites most writers who are into comic books. Comic book writers are themselves a different breed, and WriterCosmos has a lot of them under their banner. The best part about writing a comic book with us is that our comic writers are quite passionate about comic book writing. They thrive on writing comic scripts on different ideas. So we at WriterCosmos take comic book writing to the next level. The comics we create for you will devour the audience’s minds and bring them into a different world.

We Value Your Idea

We do things differently. We get involved with you and your idea. Once you decide to write a comic book with us, we choose the best candidate to work on your idea. We will communicate with you about every part of the comic and trade ideas with you to make your piece of art worthwhile.

We want your comic book to catapult into stardom. We understand that one of the mainstream from of leisure is watching movies. Humans are visual creatures who want to feast their eyes on visual stories. We will fabricate your comic book in such a way that it will divert the interest of visual creatures to your comic book. The comic book industry is booming, and with every passing day, comic book storylines are adapted and crated into movies and T.V shows. With your idea and our passion, even you can achieve such greatness and get your comic book turned into a movie.

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